Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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Third Generation Wall of Remembrance in Valentine June 12-14

The Third Generation Wall of Remembrance will be in Valentine June 12-14 at the Cherry County Fairgrounds, sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 90 of Valentine. This special tribute exhibit will honor those lost on 9/11 as well as the fallen heroes that answered the call to defend our freedom in the Global War on Terrorism. There will be a list of names of the fallen along with a full color time line beginning from 1983 to present day.

The opening ceremony will be June 12th at 7 pm. The Legion is currently looking for volunteers to help set up, host as well as for nightly security. Please contact Kelly Hollopeter if you'd like to volunteer: 402-376-3448.


Over $1600 Raised To Fight Cancer


Tuesday morning, KVSH Radio hosted the Relay For Life Cherry County Ranchers' Challenge to raise funds for the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. During the program, over $1600 was pledged by ranchers and city-folk alike. If you made a pledge during the Ranchers' Challenge, please make your check payable to the American Cancer Society or to Relay For Life, then drop off your donation to the KVSH Studios as soon as possible. This year's Relay For Life in Valentine will be held Saturday July 11th at the Valentine Family Aquatic Center and Ecology Park beginning at 5pm and continuing until 1am Sunday.


Turtle Race Winners

by Laura Vroman

There were four heats for the annual Minnechaduza Turtle Races, held Saturday, June 6, 2015. The water was swift and the weather pretty nice. Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Dean Jacobs said the water was a wee bit cool when he first got in, but as the event continued on, the water warmed up. In no time at all, four heats were completed.
The first person in each heat won $50.00. The top ten in each heat were put into the final heat for a chance to win $750 - if they were present - $500 if they weren’t.
Here then are the four heats:
Heat 1
234 - Brew Crew
388 - Jan Drinkwalter
466 - Theresa May
452 - Lisa Michalek
161 - Kim Jeffers
449 - Jerry Earll
2 - Binky Grey
218 - Danielle Schubauer
228 - Brew Crew
72 - Lyle Cate III
165 - The Red Door
Heat 2
76 - Mindi Vavra
52 - Kaylee Vavra
322 Ann Keech
124 - Eileen Simpson
74 - Michelle Hensel
62 - Steve Isom
386 - Jan Drinkwalter
251 - Gregg Daugherty
111 - Tammy Lutter
286 - Chasitidy Thornton
Heat 3
186 - Johanna Ohlmann
90 - YWW Girls
284 - Sherrie Graybill
98 - YWW Girls
467 - Shirley Schuman
70 - Devin Muirhead
215 - Danielle Schubauer
108 - Kari Hagedorn
12 - Don Nelsen
245 - Brew Crew
Heat 4
419 - Shelly Wietzke
175 - The Red Door
451 - Lisa Michalek
357 - Ranee Critchfield
280 - Pam Day
397 - Sharon Jacobs
427 - Rhonda Elliott
40 - Brady Clark
309 - Savannah Jackson
426 - Rhonda Elliott
The winner came from Heat 2 and was 74 - Michelle Hensel. She wasn’t present so only won $500!
Congratulations to zippy turtle #74!

Two Fatalities in Local Accident

Presentation College in South Dakota is mourning the death of a basketball player and a graduate assistant coach.

The school issued a statement saying player Cameron Isreal and assistant coach and former player Terry Strong died Friday in a vehicle crash near Valentine, Nebraska.

Cherry County Sheriff's Deputy Joe Kreycik says that the vehicle the two were in crossed the center line on U.S. Highway 83 and collided head-on with another vehicle.

The 23-year-old Isreal was from Chandler, Arizona. The 26-year-old Strong was from the Los Angeles area.

The occupant of the other vehicle, a pick-up pulling hay equipment, was transported to the Cherry County Hospital for non life threatening injuries.


National Trails Day

Al Brock was our guest on the KVSH Comment Program on Wednesday. Mr Brock came in to discuss National Trails Day on Saturday June 6th which promotes awareness of the over 200,000 miles of trails in the nation which are open to the public.

On Sunday June 7th, there will be a “Trails Work Day” on the Minnechaduza trail by the city park. Volunteers are asked to meet at the foot bridge over the creek in the park at about 9am, and will work on the trails into the afternoon.

If you would like to help volunteer, you are asked to bring some basic pruning tools if you are able to.

The weather looks to be cooperative this Sunday with forecasters predicting some sunshine and upper 70s.


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