Friday, July 25, 2014
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Nebraska Astronaut to Speak at Star Party

The Nebraska Star Party will be back at Merritt Dam August 4th through the 9th.  This year's keynote speaker will be Nebraska astronaut Clayton Anderson.  He will be at the star party on Wednesday of that week and the Valentine Chamber of Commerce will also have him speak that evening.    Again, mark those dates for this year's Nebraska Star Party just South of Valentine, August 4th through the 9th.


Rosebud Trash Collection

Officials say a new solid waste transfer station will improve trash collection for residents of the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation in south-central South Dakota.


The U.S. Agriculture Department provided loans and grants for the transfer station. USDA officials joined tribal officials recently for the station's grand opening.


Elsie Meeks, USDA state director for Rural Development, says the transfer station will enhance the environment and cleanliness of the area.


Officials say a central transfer station located near where most of the area's garbage is generated will allow the tribe to minimize trips to the landfill located in the northeast corner of the reservation. They say it also will ease strain on equipment, minimize dumpster overflow and reduce illegal dumping.


Garbage is hauled from 20 reservation communities to the landfill.


Tribal Jail - Budget Cuts

A $25 million jail on the Rosebud Indian Reservation meant to provide cultural and spiritual wellness programs for tribal members charged with crimes was supposed to open earlier this year.  Instead, it sits empty, with inmates being transported to another jail on a reservation nearly three hours away.  Officials say the facility is a casualty of automatic spending cuts that have left the Rosebud Sioux Tribe without enough money to pay for the necessary staffing and utilities.  The 67,500 square foot Rosebud Sioux Tribe Adult Correctional Facility was unveiled during a ceremony with state and tribal leaders January 17th.  It was expected to house up to 160 male and female inmates with an annual operating budget of $5 million.  Instead, because of the automatic cuts caused by Congress and President Barack Obama failing to reach an agreement on how to reduce the deficit, it's operating on a budget of $840,000.


Keep Personal Information Private

KVSH News has been informed by Cherry County Sheriff Rusty Osburn that scammers have been active in the Valentine area, using cell phone texts.  As always, you are advised to NEVER give personal information over the phone, or text message unless the call was initiated by you.  If you think you may have been the victim of a scam, contact the Cherry County Sheriff's Office at 402-376-1890.


Valentine City Council Meeting

The Valentine City Council met Thursday evening for a regular meeting at the Valentine Library meeting room. Terry Galloway presented the audit for 2011 and 2012 to the council for review. The audit has shown improvement when compared to recent audits and compared to cities of similar size. There are still a couple areas that need attention such as utilities.

Water Department superintendent Scott Egelhoff presented a report on the department including information on conservation needs during drought. Last year 438 million gallons of water were pumped through the system which was an all time high. The city water systems handled the demand with no problems. There shouldn’t be problems with meeting demands in the future.

Valentine Police Chief Ben Mcbride gave a report on activities of the department in 2012 when compared to previous years. Simple assaults seem to be one of the more frequent offenses with 47 reported in 2012. That is the highest level in the past 4 years. Aggravated assaults also rose to a total of 12 which, was the highest in recent years. Drug related offenses seem to be showing a downward trend and DUI’s were the lowest in the past four years. There were 23 minor in possession arrests compared to 38 the previous year. Total arrests for 2012 were about even with recent years. Traffic violations took a considerable amount of officer’s times with 121 tickets issued and 449 warnings given. The most common violations included no proof of insurance, stop signs, no operator’s license and no valid registration. The drug dog was deployed 93 times during the year with almost one third resulting in positive alerts. Officers also continue to work with public service programs within the community. The council asked if there was anything they could do to help make the community safer. McBride stated that at times they are understaffed, especially during the summer months. There has been no personnel turnover of in the department for the past seven years.

A class C liquor license for American Legion Leo Brinda Post 90 and a class D license for Alco Discount Store were both approved.

A representative of the Todd Becker Foundation addressed the council to request closing Main Street for a high school event with a Christian message and promoting non drinking among teens. There will also be a BBQ, a band and other activities. The council was not in favor of closing Main Street but would be more inclined to close a side street off Main such as Third Street.

There was some discussion about the golf club and an update on their efforts to secure a course for the public. Tim Colvin addressed the council reporting that they would like to help direct the effort to build a new public golf course. If ground were to be broken this year on a new golf course, it would still be two years before golf could be played on the venue. No action was taken.

The council voted to adopt a resolution for free disposal of residential demolition waste from unsightly, dangerous or uninhabitable properties in the city limits. Application can be made at city hall and there will be certain guidelines for disposal of demolition waste.

The council considered a change to a city ordinance that provided for the city billing for NK Waste Management. Neal Wescott reported that garbage collection fees were set to go up $5 per household April 1st and there will be a $10 rebate offered for recycling. At this time about one third of customers take advantage of the recycling. There was no action taken at this time on the proposed changes. NK Waste will hold off on the rate increase pending further action by the council.


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