Sunday, October 26, 2014
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Econoimc Development futre in doubt

The Valentine/Cherry County Economic Development Board met Monday evening for a regular monthly meeting.  It was approved to proceed working with Info-USA to pursue small manufacturing companies to relocate to the Valentine area.  Over 1,000 companies with 5 to 20 employees will be contacted about moving business to Valentine. There was also discussion about helping to make older properties ready for new development.  The board is submitting a bid to host the 2010 spring economic developer conference which would bring over 120 people to Valentine next spring. A motion picture company was brought to Valentine in recent weeks to scout locations for a couple different films which could be made in the area. Exposure gained through these movies would help to promote the area attractions and benefit local businesses. Sales tax figures continue to show improvement in the economy.  Receipts from August of 2010 through March of 2011 are up about 3 million dollars over the previous period.  There have also been some new business contacts made about bringing other business to Valentine and interest from local businesses in expansion projects.  Several projects depend on what action the city council takes on June 9th regarding the future of the economic development program.  If the ED board ceases to exist these projects will come to a halt.


Friends of Niobrara premier movie


Over 100 people attended the premier of the movie “Niobrara, Jewel of the North”, on Saturday evening at the Curtis Hoover Event center in Valentine. As part of the evening festivities Roy and Florence Brueklanders were honored by the Friends of the Niobrara organization with the River Keeper award. The Brueklanders were recognized for being stewards of the resource since 1973 when they purchased ranch land along the Niobrara then started SunnyBrook Camp and canoe outfitters.

The movie by Tom Bouse and Rebecca M. McNeelee was shown to the audience after the River Keeper Award. Funding for the project came from the Nebraska Game and Parks, the Nebraska Environmental Trust Friends of the Niobrara and others. The movie documented the history of the river from Wyoming to the Missouri River as it travels across Northern Nebraska.


Future of Rc&D's

May 6, 2011 – Nebraska Resource Conservation and Development Councils are working toward a new future. The North Central RC&D, based out of Bassett, is one of Nebraska’s twelve RC&Ds, which cover all 93 Nebraska counties. The RC&D program had previously been administered by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, but recent budget cuts eliminated Federal funding for the RC&D program.

According to Gary Bergman, Nebraska RC&D Association President, despite the loss of the Federal funding, all 12 Nebraska RC&D Councils plan to continue their RC&D projects.

The impact of the RC&D program across Nebraska has been impressive. Each of the 12 RC&D councils completes an average of 10 projects each year, or over 120 projects annually statewide.

North Central RC&D President, Mary McMullen says, "The North Central RC&D council will continue to work with local communities, within their six county area, assisting with projects that benefit rural Nebraska", The North Central RC&D will also rent office space in Bassett and will continue to offer a, regional meeting facility and the Local Area Disaster Center McMullen went on to explain " We were a program before Federal funding and we will continue to be a program without Federal funding. We are here to "Help Communities help themselves".

For more information about the North Central RC&D, please contact 402-684-3346 or 402-684-3613, PO Box 130, Bassett, NE 68714.


Pool Hours

The Valentine City Pool will be opening for the season on May 30th.  The pool will be open from Monday through Friday 1pm-8pm, and 1pm-6pm on weekends.  Admission will be $3.00 per person, activity passes are $25 for 10 swims, and individual season passes will cost $55.  Additionally, family season passes will be available for $100.

The phone number for the pool this year is 402-376-8019.

*note that on May 30th, the pool will have a "free day" to open the season.


Nebrsaka Historical Marker Unveiling

At 3:30pm May 29th, the American Legion will have the official unveiling of the Nebraska Historical marker in Wood Lake along Highway 20.  This marker remembers the two pilots killed during World War II south of WOod Lake.  Several speakers will be in attendance.


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