Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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New 531 Area Code will effect this area.


All customers with a Nebraska 402 area code must start dialing the area code plus phone number for all local calls beginning on February 26th. Starting on that date you will have to dial the area code before any number you dial, even within the city of Valentine. To ensure a continuing supply of phone numbers, the 531 area code has been added to the 402 area. According to the Public Service Commission, the new lines and services with th 531 area code will not be assigned until sometime in the future when there are limited 402 prefixes left for assignment. You will need to dial 10 digits, the area code, plus seven digit phone number for every local call, beginning on February 26th.


School Board elects leadership

At the annual reorganizational meetng of the Valentine Community Schools Board of Eduation meeting, Cort Dewing was elected president of the board. Duane Kime will be taking over as Vice-President, Suzy Beel was elected Secretary and Dean Churchill will serve as treasurer. Konnie Kluender was welcomed as a newly eleced board member and Suzy Beel and Dean Churchill were both re-elected.  Dr. Dick Jeffers was thanked for serving on the board for this past year. The next regular board meeting will be on February 10th at 5pm.  The meeting was moved from the normal date to allow board members to attend the Labor Relations Conference.


Candidates for 2011 Coronation

Freshemen: Rylee Buer, Quinn Conner, Brianna Bussinger, Triston Eklund, Abbey Jacobs, Braxton Green, Sheyanne Long and Jordan Mercure.

Sophmores: Caitlyn Burgess, Matt Kluender, Sydney Dahl, Nicolas Krueger, Sydney Franklin, Donald McCleary, Megan Roberts, Brandon O'kief, Jennifer Schubauer and Trent Osnes.

Jniors: Alex Bauer, Derek Hockenberry, Alyssa Montijo, Marshall Miller, Heidi Ryschon, Jeff Ohlmann, Holli Schmitz, Jade Sandoz, Michaela Jackson and John Michalek.

Seniors: Jordan Bussinger, Shane Doyle, Rachel Dillon, Michael Kluender, Marissa Grooms, Colten Lamb, Chelsea Owen, Tayler McPeak, Abby Paxton, Eli Perrett, Mica Schuchart and Scott Rupe.

Practices for Coronation will be Sunday, January 23rd and Sunday February 2nd at 1pm at the High School. 


Valentine Coronation, February 6th


Tickets for the February 6th Coronation event in Valentine are now on Sale at Fashions, Union Bank and at the Valentine Visitors Center. Adult ticket prices are $5 each and children under 12 are $2. The theme for this years event will be “Destination Love” with Jacob Tehrani and Briana Butler serving as tour guides. There will be an expanded field of candidates at this years event. There will be 5 sets of candidates from the freshmen, sophmore and junior classes and six sets of candidates from the Senior Class. The ceremony begins at 5pm on the 6th at Valentine High School.


New Drug Dog for City?

Donations are being sought for the purchase of a Narcotic Detection Dog for the Valentine Police Department.  This dog will aid officers in their deterrence of narcotic trafficking, use and transportation within and through our community.  In addition, the dog will be certified to track those who may lose their way in our rural countryside.  The Narcotic Detection dog will be available for public education opportunities as well as school assemblies.  If you would like more information on how to contribute to this endeavor, please contact Dana Miller at 402-376-1183 or Jim McCormick at 402-376-3470 for more details.  Kids are also encouraged to contribute by donating: dog dishes, leashes, dog food and more.  Donations are tax deductible. 


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