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August City Council Meeting

The Valentine City Council met last evening for the regular monthly meeting.  Council member Andrew Ward questioned the purchase of a Ranger ATV instead of a pickup which was discussed by the council at the last meeting.  Mr. Ward voiced concern that the purchase was not the intent of the council.  After discussion about the process involved in the purchase, no action was taken.

The council conducted a meeting of the Community Development Agency to review a Tax Increment Financing application and voted to forward the issue to the planning commission for their review.  The application was submitted by KTJ 231 LLC for the former Valentine Motel Property which was destroyed by fire several years ago.  The LLC represents a Shopko Hometown building which would provide over 25 full time jobs and several part time jobs.  The building would be over 36,000 square feet.

On the issue of placing stop signs on 6th and Ray Streets and Ninth and Dowden Streets, the council voted to approve the installation of both signs.

A request by the Economic Development Board to spend up to $15,000 in LB 840 funds to explore options for a new golf course was approved.

A request was made by ResCare Workforce Services to enter into a 6 month lease for office space at City Hall for $150 per month.  After discussion there was no action taken.

There was also discussion on the status of the storm sewer improvement projects and grant application.  A couple of recent rains have stressed the urgency of moving forward with improvements when street flooding occurred.  Engineers have reported that moving the water from "Mistake Lake" to southeast of the Niobrara River would be ONE of the first steps to fixing the problem.  There have also been some grants applied for to help with costs.


Fair Parade Results

2013 Cherry County Fair and Rodeo results are as follows:  In the Antiques Division: Papa Smiley in first, Dick Steifer Ranch in second.  In the Horse Division:  Abbott's Sandhills Own in first, The Lady Wranglers in second.  In the Individual Division:  Witte Family Local Korean Veterans in first, Mark and Janelle Stoeger in second.  In the Commercial Division:  Bank of the West in first, Union Bank in second, and Security First Bank in third.  In the Youth Division:  Town and Country 4-H in first, Outriders 4-H in second, and Heart City Dance in third.  In the Clubs Division:  American Legion in first.

Thanks to all who made this a fantastic parade, and congratulations to all who placed.


Skyworks Showcases Nebraska from the Air

LINCOLN, Neb. (August 5, 2013)— Spectacular high-definition aerial footage of Nebraska’s diverse landscapes, monuments, people and attractions have been captured on video and are available for viewing at and on YouTube at:

The footage was shot by Skyworks using a low-flying helicopter July 3-10. NET, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Nebraska Tourism Commission and Nebraska Game and Parks collaborated to hire the London-based firm to acquire this new image collection.

The Skyworks team specializes in top-end aerial filming, creating footage and shows for broadcasters all over the world including National Geographic and the BBC.  Interactive content will also eventually be created using the US-built cineflex gyro-stabilized system for filming in full HD.  Skyworks’ specially-equipped helicopter also features sophisticated tracking and navigation systems.

“This footage will provide incredible depth and quality images of our state which we’ll all use to inform and educate our citizens,” said David Feingold, NET interim general manager.  NET and its partners expect to utilize this new image collection for use on websites, documentaries, publications, and for live presentations.

“In addition to having highlights of this footage available on YouTube to generate interest and enthusiasm about Nebraska's amenities, we will be receiving many hours of raw footage which we hope to utilize and incorporate into the Commission's new advertising and marketing campaigns. It was a pleasure to partner with such enthusiastic agencies that are also eager to promote the uniqueness that Nebraska has to offer. We are better together and we look forward to increasing our partnerships and strengthening collaborations," said Kathy McKillip, director of the Nebraska Tourism Commission.

According to Christy Rasmussen, communications director for Nebraska Game and Parks, “This project will allow us to showcase the wealth of our outdoor amenities.  A big part of the good life in Nebraska is enjoying the outdoors, from our state park system to fishing or viewing wildlife.”

NET operates the statewide public broadcast network that includes NET Television, NET Radio, NET Learning Services and NET Technology Services.  NET is Nebraska’s PBS & NPR stations. To learn more, visit

The mission of the Nebraska Tourism Commission is to expand Nebraska’s dynamic and diverse travel industry making it more viable by creating awareness, attracting increased visitors which results in greater tourism revenue and economic gain throughout the state. To learn more, go

Nebraska Game & Parks Commission is responsible for stewardship of the state’s fish, wildlife, parklands and outdoor recreation opportunities. Game & Parks manages resources in a diverse environment and encourages the continuation of the state’s outdoor heritage through active participation.  To learn more, visit

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s role as the state’s land-grant and comprehensive public university is fulfilled through a statewide mission of teaching, research and service.  To learn more, visit

Order your free travel guide today at Then stay connected with Nebraska Tourism on our Visit Nebraska Facebook page, on Twitter, on Pinterest and on YouTube.



2013 CC Fair Open Horse Show Results

The 2013 Cherry County Fair Open Horse Show was held Monday August 5 at the Cherry County Fairgrounds.  The Cherry County Agricultural Society provided the cash awards and ribbons for this year's event.  Bomgaars, Valentine Feed Service and D/W Machine sponsored door prizes in each class.  The 49 entries were judged by Dennis Storms from Broken Bow with Shawna Wheeler serving as ring steward.  Ed, Lynette, Kyle and Kari Qualley would like to thank the volunteers and competitors.  Results of the 2013 Cherry County Fair Open Horse Show are as follows:

FIVE YEAR OLD AND UP GELDINGS: 1. Tanya Carr, 2. Dakota Krogman, 3. Shirley Kime, 4. Hayley Shied, 5. Mataya Eklund 6. Ethan Naughtin

FIVE YEAR OLD AND UP MARES: 1. Emily Medley, 2. Jon Bice, 3. Joe Butler, 4. Tonya Carr, 5. Sarah Shelbourn, 6. Alyssa Hockenbary

THREE AND FOUR YEAR OLD GELDINGS: 1. Richard Froning, 2. Kari Qualley

THREE AND FOUR YEAR OLD MARES: 1. Mataya Eklund, 2. Byron Burdick


COLT FOALS: 1. Joe Butler, 2. Jon Bice, 3. Jennings Morgan

ENGLISH PLEASURE: 1. Marla Shelbourn, 2. Shirley Kime, 3. Robert Shelbourn

WALK/TROT SIX AND UNDER: 1. Trevor Burdick, 2. Bayley Burdick

ADULT WESTERN PLEASURE: 1. Shirley Kime, 2. Beth Till, 3. Marla Shelbourn, 4. Robert Shelbourn, 5. Tonya Carr

SENIOR WESTERN PLEASURE: 1. Wyatt Naughtin, 2. Emily Medley, 3. Bailey Dexter, 4. Allison Robinson, 5. Rylee Buer, 6. Jacy Miller

ADULT RANCH HORSE PLEASURE: 1. Marla Shelbourn, 2. Kari Qualley, 3. Katie Morgan, 4. Allison Robinson, 5. Tina Naughtin, 6. Sydney Dexter

JUNIOR WESTERN PLEASURE: 1. Ethan Naughtin, 2. Shelby Naughtin, 3. Bradi Larabee, 4. Hayley Schied, 5. Alice Fletcher, 6. Tessa Krolikowski

PRE-JUNIOR WESTERN PLEASURE: 1. Alyssa Hockenbary, 2. Gracey Taylor, 3. Traper Schied, 4. Courtny Morgan, 5. Kate Cox, 6. Carson Lancaster

RANCH COLT PLEASURE: 1. Joe Brown, 2. Wyatt Naughtin, 3. Richard Froning


REINING - ADULT: 1. Robert Shelbourn, 2. Marla Shelbourn, 3. Katie Morgan

REINING - SENIOR RIDER: 1. Bailey Dexter, 2. Bailey Lurz, 3. Sarah Shelbourn

REINING - JUNIOR RIDER: 1. Bradi Larabee

POLES - ADULT: 1. Katie Morgan, 2. Misti Brown, 3. Abby Sybrant 4. Marla Shelbourn, 5. Tina Naughtin

POLES - SENIOR: 1. Wyatt Naughtin, 2. Sheyenne Hammond, 3. Allison Collier, 4. Sydney Dexter, 5. Emily Medley, 6. Jacy Miller

POLES - JUNIOR: 1. Ethan Naughtin, 2. Bradi Larabee, 3. Hayley Schied, 4. Hayes Hammond, 5. Mataya Eklund, 6. Alice Fletcher

POLES - PRE JUNIOR: 1. Gracey Taylor, 2. Alyssa Hockenbary, 3. Traper Schied, 4. Carson Lancaster, 5. Courtny Morgan, 6. Blake Lancaster

BARRELS - ADULT: 1. Abby Sybrant, 2. Misti Brown, 3. Marla Shelbourn, 4. Tonya Carr, 5. Katie Morgan, 6. Tina Naughtin

BARRELS - SENIOR: 1. Sheyenne Hammond, 2. Bailey Dexter, 3. Allison Collier, 4. Emily Medley, 5. Wyatt Naughtin, 6. Sydney Dexter

BARRELS - JUNIOR: 1. Mataya Eklund, 2. Ethan Naughtin, 3. Hayley Schied, 4. Hayes Hammond, 5. Shelby Naughtin, 6. Alice Fletcher

BARRELS - PRE JUNIOR: 1. Gracey Taylor, 2. Alyssa Hockenbary, 3. Carson Lancaster, 4. Blake Lancaster, 5. Courtny Morgan


South Dakota Woman Sentenced

United States Attorney Brendan V. Johnson announced that a St. Francis, woman convicted of Making False Statements to a Federal Agency was sentenced on August 5,  by U.S. District Judge Roberto A. Lange.

Candice Waln, age 34, was sentenced to 1 month in custody, 1 year of supervised release, and $100 to the Federal Crime Victims Fund.

Waln was indicted by a federal grand jury on December 11, 2012, and pled guilty to the charge on April 30, 2013.

The conviction stems from an incident that took place on November 9, 2012, when Federal agents arrived at Waln’s residence to serve an arrest warrant on an individual. Waln told the agents that individual was not present and was in another community, when in fact he was actually hiding nearby.
Waln was remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service.


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