Tuesday, September 30, 2014
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Circle C Days in Cody

"Ride for the Brand" is the theme for Circle C Days this year at Cody, Nebraska.  Events will begin May 24th with Governor Dave Heineman's opening speech at the Adamson Community Complex just before the ribbon cutting at the new Circle C Store.  That evening, the first performance of the melodrama "The Ballad of Gopher Gap". 

Then on Saturday, the 5k run/walk will begin at 7:45, followed by the parade , horseshoes and kids games in the park.  The rodeo is at 11am with sand volleyball also beginning at 11am.  Softball on Saturday as well.  The barbecue supper runs from 6-7 and the second melodrama performance at 7.  After the curtain call, the White Elephant Hall will host the dance starting at 8pm.


Flamingo Fundraiser for Relay For Life

As part of the Relay For Life in Cherry County, the First Class Walkers team,  will be conducting a Flamingo fundraiser right up to the night of Relay on June 22nd.
When the pink birds show up in your yard you have three options
1. for $15.00 they will remove flock immediately and you get to chose whose yard you would like them moved to.
2. for $10.00 they will remove them that day, but we will choose the next landing spot.
3. Do nothing and the birds will migrate from your yard in two days.
If you choose option 1 or 2 they guarantee that the flock will not end up in your yard again.
The instructions will be posted on your front door when the birds are placed in your yard, if you call Kim Hamling you can discuss how to make payment.  If you have a yard you would like to have the birds land in, give Kim a call  @ 402-376-1017, you don't have to wait for them to show up in your yard!


Gas Prices Continue to Rise

After further investigation of the sky rocketing price of fuel in the area, it appears that refineries are only operating at 79% of capacity which is below normal levels for this time of the year. According to local sources, prices at the terminals, where local stations pick up fuel, the price has gone up about 40 to 45 cents per gallon in six days. It appears that the major oil companies could be inflating prices by controlling supplies. There have been no reports of shortages of fuel, but prices continue to rise. Citizens are encouraged to contact national elected officials such as Senators Deb Fischer and Mike Johans to ask for some federal involvement. Phone number for Deb Fischer is 202-224-6551. Senator Johanns number is 202-224-4224. Both can also be reached by email through their web sites . Congressman Adrian Smith’s contact number is 202-225-6435.


Wildfire Bill - Nebraska

A bill designed to help fight wildfires in rural Nebraska has advanced to a final legislative vote.  Lawmakers approved several changes to the measure on Wednesday before giving it second-round approval.  While two air tanker bases are being planned for Valentine and Alliance, additional bases may be approved - including a mobile air tanker base.  However, the number of tanker planes planned to be stationed in Nebraska has been cut from two to one at the request of Governor Dave Heineman. 

Also included in the bill is a requirement that the Nebraska Forest Service thin forests, and develop markets for the wood shavings.  Senator Al Davis of Hyannis says the shavings could be used for pets, landscaping mulch, fence posts, and fuel for heating and cooling.


Gas Prices Hit High Marks

Many area residents are wondering why gas prices have soared in the past couple of weeks. Local gas prices have rocketed from about 3.60 per gallon to 4 bucks per gallon in just two weeks or less. A barrel of oil has gone up about $10 per barrel in the past thirty days and the wholesale gas prices have only gone up 12 cents per gallon in the last couple of weeks. Local prices have jumped to their highest levels with the summer travel season just around the corner. A comparison of area gas prices shows Pierre South Dakota at 3.65 per gallon, North Platte at 3.69, Kearney at 3.79, Alliance at 3.59 and the Rosebud Casino reported 3.69 this morning. There is talk that speculators are the primary reason for the higher prices. There have been no reports of refinery fires or refineries being shut down to repairs.


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