Sunday, December 04, 2016
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Turner Youth Grants


The Valentine Area Youth Planning Commission met this week to review applications for the Turner Foundation youth grant funds.  18 applications were approved totaling slightly over $22,000.  Each year the Commission applies for a grant from the Turner Foundation for Youth Initiatives and this year they received $16,000 from the Turner Foundation.  The grants this year will cover a wide variety of program from recreation to environmental.


Valentine American Legion Baseball  ($2,417) For youth baseball camp and new legion bats.

Sandhills Stingrays Swim Team  ($1,061) For new lane line dividers and equipment.

Valentine Youth Activities  ($2,293) To support several youth recreation program.

Valentine Women’s Softball ($342) For youth girls softball clinic.

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church ($500) For expansion of outdoor classroom.

Art Big and Small ($450) For supplies.

Niobrara Valley Outdoor Education ($1,450) To start a kayak program for are youth.

Pat Schemmer Art Class ($950) For photography supplies and art supplies.

Valentine Area Arts Council  ($3,000) To help bring art programs to schools and youth.

Valentine Public Library  ($1200) For video book project.

Valentine Youth Planning Commission ($3,500) Improvement to youth facilities.

Boy Scout Troop #288 ($500) To help defray expenses of leadership camp.

Niobrara Council ($787) For summer outdoor youth camps.

Jessica McGinley ($634) To paint large outlines of United States on concrete

Valentine Mens Bowling ($500) To help with awards and youth bowling league.

Valentine 6th Grade Field Trip ($1,100) Educational field trip to Lincolns and Omaha.

Valentine Youth Basketball ($1,000.00) To help with uniforms for traveling teams.

Valentine Teen Center ($374.50) To purchase video game equipment for Youth center.

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