Wednesday, May 04, 2016
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Some Nebraskans at risk from data security breach

The Nebraska attorney general's office says nearly 105,000 Nebraskans could have had their personal information exposed as part of a huge data security breach.

Attorney General Doug Peterson announced Monday that the breach of health insurer Anthem could lead to the exposure of names, addresses and Social Security numbers for 104,795 Nebraska residents. The insurer is mailing notices to those people and offering to pay for two years of credit monitoring.

Anthem doesn't sell policies or process claims in Nebraska, but residents still could be at risk if their employer is based in one of the 14 states where the company operates.

Nebraskans also could be affected if they have coverage through a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan and received care in a state where Anthem processes health claims.


Drivers' Top Pick Remains Radio By A Mile

The traditional car radio, long a fixture of the dashboard, remains the king of the road.  That's according to new Ipsos* research being released today.  It reveals 84% of Americans still regularly listen to broadcast radio while driving, showing that traditional radio remains firmly in place as the most-used in-car medium.

*Ipsos is a global independent market research company ranking third worldwide among research firms.


Fire Crews Extinguish Weekend Grass Fire

A grass fire near the German Settlement Road prompted response by the Valentine Volunteer Fire Department and Kilgore Volunteer Fire Department on Saturday afternoon around 2pm. According to Valentine Fire Chief Engels, a cutting torch sparked the blaze, which burned approximately 3 acres as well as the edge of a tree grove at the Duane Porath place. No structures were reported damaged. Fire crews were on scene for approximately 90 minutes extinguishing the fire.


Fire Departments Train in Valentine


The Valentine Volunteer Fire Department hosted a two night training put together by the Nebraska Fire Marshall's Office at the fire hall. Several departments including Valentine, Ainsworth, and Thedford took part in the training. The drills focused on teamwork and fire behavior and control using water vs. propane. A video from the event can be seen by visiting the Valentine Volunteer Fire Department's Facebook page.


Defying GOP, Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline bill

President Barack Obama has vetoed a Republican bill forcing construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

The White House sent notice of the veto to the Senate on Tuesday, shortly after the bill was received at the White House. It's the third veto of Obama's presidency.

The move puts a freeze on a top GOP priority, at least for now. It also reasserts Obama's authority over a project that's become a flashpoint in the national debate about climate change.

Congressional Republicans may try to override Obama's veto, but have yet to show they can muster the two-thirds majority in both chambers that they would need. Senator John Hoeven, the bill's chief GOP sponsor, says Republicans are about four votes short in the Senate and need about 11 more in the House.


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