Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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City Council June Meeting Approaching

The Valentine City Council will have their regular meeting at the library meeting room at 7pm on Thursday June 13th. 

On the agenda, a request by Kyle Arganbright for zoning change at the Valentine Motel Subdivision from Trans Ag to Highway Commercial, and the council will then consider raising the price for zoning change requests. 

Other items to be discussed include a request by the Valentine Motor Club for the building at the ball fields for another 10 year term.  Presentation by Adam Herink and Eric Johnson with Bluestern Sandhills, LLC, of a proposal to build a wind generator to provide power to Valentine.

Also on the agenda, a request by the Rotary Club for an alcohol permit at the City Park Pavillion on June 20th for a club picnic.  Review of the Forest thinning project at Nature Park, and the council will also consider the purchase of new Police and wastewater treatment plant vehicles, and review the 2013-2014 budget preparation.  


Cruise Night and Car Show


Despite some threatening weather, over 80 cars turned out for the annual cruise night and car show sponsored by the Valentine Classic Motor Club on Saturday evening. The cruise began at Hendersons IGA parking lot about one half hour late due to a storm that moved into the area with light rain and some strong winds. The cars cruised around Valentine and then many of them parked at Scottys Ranchland Foods parking lot for an impromptu show. The Classic Motor Club members served sandwiches and sold T-shirts. Despite the weather numerous people turned out to watch to cruise and view the cars. Next year will be the 30th annual Valentine Classic Motor Club event. Some bigger activities are being planned at this time. Anyone who would like to get involved with the motor club can contact Ken Krisher, Dave Billings or Mike Danielski.


National Radio Month "Where's Dave?" Contest Winners

The National Radio month promotion for May ended with5 correct entries in the "Where's Dave?" contest.  RaeMalea Kalenda ,Lynn Lemmon, Bobbie Jo Battershaw, Lori Shelbourn, and Merriah Peterson all had all of Dave's locations correct.  The winner of the $100 in Chamber Bucks was determined by a toss of the dice, and is Bobbie Jo Battershaw.  Each of the other entrants have a certificate for a bucket of ice cream at the studios of KVSH.  Congratulations to all of the winners, and we appreciate all of our listeners' participation.

Thanks also to all of our May promotion sponsors, particularly Scotty's, Henderson's and McDonald's.


AAA Nebraska Fuel Price Index

AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report, posted at www.fuelgaugereport.com, features a color coded United States map showing the ten states with the highest fuel price averages in bright red. For the past few weeks, Nebraska’s fuel prices were among the highest in the nation due to regional refinery issues that compromised Midwest supply levels. As of today, Nebraska is out of the top ten category with prices down 14 cents from a week ago when unleaded fuel across the state averaged $4.02 a gallon. The downward slide is expected to continue as supply concerns diminish. Currently, Nebraska’s fuel price average is $3.88 a gallon, 27 cents higher than the national average of $3.61 a gallon for unleaded fuel. Ethanol blends are typically 10-12 cents less per gallon. In the days leading up to Memorial Day, motorists in nine states, including Nebraska, paid an average of more than $4 per gallon. The price of gasoline continues to vary dramatically across the country with the lowest gasoline prices found in the Southeast region of the U.S. The highest fuel averages in the continental U.S. are reported primarily in the upper Midwest region and Pacific Coast states.


Fish Hatchery Bridge Closed for Replacement

According to the Cherry County Road Department, the Fish Hatchery road will be closed to traffic starting Monday, June 3, 2013.  Traffic can use the park route as a detour; there is no timeline as to the length of time the bridge will be out of service.


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