Thursday, October 02, 2014
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Climatology of a First Fall Freeze/Killing Freeze across Western and North Central Nebraska 

The farming/gardening growing season typically ends during the months of September or October across western and north central Nebraska.  Many plants are sensitive to freezing conditions, and will stop their production once temperatures reach or fall below 32 degrees. A freeze will occur when temperatures reach or fall below 32 degrees. While some plants are able to with stand a brief period at or just below 32 degrees, most plants will not survive once temperatures drop to or below 28 degrees (often referred to as a killing freeze). Below is the Valentine weather office's report with the probability of a freeze or killing freeze based on reports from airport and cooperative observations.  The probability is based on the chance a freeze/killing freeze will occur on or before the date.  The forecast is a graphical representation (a bar across time) of National Weather Service forecasted hourly temperatures over the next 7 days.  If there is no bar then no freeze/killing freeze conditions are forecasted.  The links are different for freeze conditions (equal or less than 32º) and killing freeze conditions (equal or less than 28º).

Links have been removed in the picture below, but may be found on the National Weather Service Forecast Office's site here:



ALS Walk

Approximately 100 people participated in an event Wednesday evening to help raise awareness of ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. Local organizers wanted the opportunity to honor patients and families affected by ALS in this area. Balloons were released honoring those who have been affected. Fund raising was kicked off this past March with a spaghetti feed sponsored by the Interact Club. They raised $5,700 with that event.  A Facebook page was then started and an additional $3,000 came in through that. As of Wednesday morning, they had raised a total of $21,045, not including any funds contributed at last evening's event.


Mid-Plains Community College Extended Campus Classes

Many for-credit class opportunities will be available in the next few days through the Mid-Plains Extended Campus in Valentine. Classes starting Monday, August 25th include Lakota History and Traditions and Intro to Psychology. Classes beginning Tuesday the 26th include Basic Ground Training and Advanced Ground Training. On Wednesday the 27th, Desktop Publishing will be offered and on the 28th, classes include Lakota Language/Conversation and Creative Writing. Many online Agriculture classes are also being offered beginning on Tuesday the 26th. EMS and Healthcare classes are also available through Mid-Plains. If you need more information or to register for any of the classes, contact Mid-Plains Valentine at (402) 376-8033.


Notification of Release of Individuals

Cherry County Attorney Eric Scott has announced that two individuals have been released from federal prison and are living in the Valentine area. In a notice received from the Prisoner Release Coordinator of the Nebraska Attorney General's office, Scott says both offenders are convicted felons who have been released from prison under stringent supervisory probation conditions, and are living at 521 W. 3rd Street, in the Valentine Apartments.

James W. Menard, age 31, was convicted on felony charges of selling, distributing or dispensing a controlled substance. Menard's probation supervision conditions include a location monitoring program and alcohol or intoxicant restrictions.

Robert K. Garrett, age 31, was a habitual offender on a domestic assault violation. Garrett is also subject to certain probation supervisory conditions.

Nebraska statues require notification of release of individuals convicted of violent crimes or because of the release of an individual who is a sex offender. Both Menard and Garrett fall under the category of violent crime offenders.


Rat and Beaver Lake Renovations


LINCOLN – Rat and Beaver Lakes in Cherry County will be temporarily closed to the public next month while a chemical renovation of the lakes takes place as part of an Aquatic Habitat Project.


The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission set a tentative date of Sept. 3-4, depending on the weather, for the chemical renovation of the fishery at Rat and Beaver Lakes. The lakes will be temporarily closed to the public Sept. 3-7 for safety reasons and for control of the work area while fish are counted.

A temporary water-control structure was installed this spring to allow the lakes to be lowered. A contractor will install two fish barriers below the lowered lakes in September. Those barriers will prevent access of common carp upstream into the lakes.

The lakes will be safe to restock two or three weeks following chemical renovation, depending on water temperatures. Bluegill, yellow perch, black crappie and largemouth bass will be stocked back into the lakes.

The renovation of Rat and Beaver Lakes is being made possible by the cooperation of the neighboring landowners and the Rat and Beaver Lake Club. The project will use Aquatic Habitat Stamp Program funds.

For more information, contact Zac Brashears at the Valentine State Fish Hatchery at 402-376-8080.


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