Saturday, February 28, 2015
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Local High School Basketball Scores, Friday, February 27, 2015

There was lots of basketball action on Friday night. In girls basketball, district finals took place. Below are select scores:


District Tournament Finals

B-6 Tournament

Scottsbluff 40, Sidney 36

District C1-4

Norfolk Catholic 49, West Point-Beemer 30

District C1-5

Kearney Catholic 50, Central City 29

District C1-6

Chadron 46, Ainsworth 39

District C2-4

Crofton 65, Plainview 19

District C2-6

North Platte St. Patrick's 51, Hemingford 49

District D1-4

St. Mary's 66, South Loup 17

District D2-2

Wynot 53, Stuart 52

District D2-3

Giltner 51, Spalding/Spalding Academy 40

District D2-4

Sandhills/Thedford 50, Bertrand 43

District D2-5

Mullen 46, Wauneta-Palisade 30

District D2-6

Crawford 49, Leyton 42


In South Dakota Boys Basketball, select scores are as follows:

New Underwood 66, Jones County 61

Philip 90, Kadoka Area 45

Red Cloud 81, St. Francis Indian 56

White River 93, Lyman 53



Cody-Kilgore Cowboys Advance to District Basketball

The Cody-Kilgore Cowbos defeated the Sioux County Warriors 51-48 on Thursday, February 6th in the D2-12 Subdistrict Basketball Tournament. They will travel to Hyannis to play Minatare in District Basketball Action on Tuesday, March 3rd. Tipoff will be at 6 pm Mountain Time / 7 pm Central and will be aired on KVSH Radio and

Other Subdistrict scores from Thursday:


C1-10 Subdistrict Tournament
Gothenburg 59, Cozad 42

C1-11 Subdistrict Tournament
Ainsworth 54, O'Neill 46

C1-12 Subdistrict Tournament
Chadron 59, Chase County 43

D2-9 Subdistrict Tournament
Paxton 49, Mullen 43

D2-12 Subdistrict Tournament
Cody-Kilgore 51, Sioux County 48


Cody-Kilgore Moves on in Subdistrict Basketball

Cody-Kilgore played hard and defeated Crawford last night in Boys Basketball, 57-49. They'll advanced to play Sioux County on Thursday at 7 pm CT. That game will be broadcast on KVSH and


Other Select Nebraska Boys Basketball Scores:

C1-10 Subdistrict Tournament


Cozad 65, Kearney Catholic 53

Gothenburg 60, Minden 36


C1-11 Subdistrict Tournament


Ainsworth 62, Broken Bow 43

O'Neill 45, Ord 30


C1-12 Subdistrict Tournament


Chadron 59, Mitchell 26

Chase County 56, Ogallala 35


D2-7 Subdistrict Tournament


Anselmo-Merna 65, Stapleton 38

Pleasanton 62, Sandhills/Thedford 59


D2-9 Subdistrict Tournament


Mullen 57, Arthur County 18

Paxton 68, Hyannis 26


D2-12 Subdistrict Tournament


Cody-Kilgore 57, Crawford 49

Sioux County 69, Hay Springs 39





Local High School Basketball Scores February 23, 2015

Valentine battled it out against Broken Bow in the first round of C1-11 Subdistrict Basketball action on Monday night, but were unable to pull off a win, falling 54-44. Other scores are as follows:


C1-11 Subdistrict Tournament

First Round

Broken Bow 54, Valentine 44


C1-12 Subdistrict Tournament

First Round

Ogallala 60, Gordon/Rushville 59


D1-7 Subdistrict Tournament

First Round

North Central 51, CWC 33


D2-7 Subdistrict Tournament

First Round

Stapleton 69, Sumner-Eddyville-Miller 49


D2-9 Subdistrict Tournament

First Round

Hyannis 50, McPherson County 44



Winner 83, Crow Creek 56


District 13B

Stanley County 51, Kadoka Area 22


White River 81, Crazy Horse 24


State Wrestling Results

A hard-fought, rough and tumble weekend led to the Badger Wrestling Team placing runner up at State in Omaha. Only two points separated the Badgers from the state champions, O'Neill. Freshman Jordan Kelber (106) took home his first championship medal, and 3 other Badgers took 2nd: Noah Eklund (126), Hudson Pearman (138), Jacob Hand (145). Braxton Coleman (176) took home third place. Great effort from all of the Badgers!

Team Scores:

1. O'Neill 107.0

2. Valentine 105.0

3. Battle Creek 89.0

4. East Butler 88.0

5. David City 84.5


Individual Results.

C106 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Jordan Kelber of Valentine
2nd Place - Levi Bridgewater of Auburn
3rd Place - Eric Pacheco of Kearney Catholic
4th Place - Tyler Cunningham of St. Paul
5th Place - Bronc Temple of Ainsworth
6th Place - Kadin Davis of Wilber-Clatonia
1st Place Match
Jordan Kelber (Valentine) 33-6, Fr. over Levi Bridgewater (Auburn) 26-4, So. (Dec 12-8).
3rd Place Match
Eric Pacheco (Kearney Catholic) 37-3, So. over Tyler Cunningham (St. Paul) 27-4, Fr. (Dec 10-4).
5th Place Match
Bronc Temple (Ainsworth) 20-8, Fr. over Kadin Davis (Wilber-Clatonia) 26-13, So. (Fall 1:00).

C113 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Christian Miller of Plainview
2nd Place - Devon Spatz of East Butler
3rd Place - Austin Olson of Minden
4th Place - Jackson Bates of Wilber-Clatonia
5th Place - Trent Daro of David City
6th Place - Alex Araujo of Bayard
1st Place Match
Christian Miller (Plainview) 38-1, So. over Devon Spatz (East Butler) 41-3, Sr. (Dec 9-3).
3rd Place Match
Austin Olson (Minden) 26-5, Sr. over Jackson Bates (Wilber-Clatonia) 43-5, Jr. (Dec 4-2).
5th Place Match
Trent Daro (David City) 21-6, Jr. over Alex Araujo (Bayard) 39-7, Fr. (MD 14-2).

C120 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Wyatt Phillips of David City
2nd Place - Jason Hansen of Tekamah-Herman
3rd Place - Vinny Pearson of Gibbon
4th Place - Lucas Miller of Crofton-Bloomfield
5th Place - Wyatt Lane of Arcadia-Loup City
6th Place - Anthony Eickmeier of Aquinas Catholic
1st Place Match
Wyatt Phillips (David City) 43-1, Jr. over Jason Hansen (Tekamah-Herman) 40-3, Sr. (Dec 3-0).
3rd Place Match
Vinny Pearson (Gibbon) 37-9, Jr. over Lucas Miller (Crofton-Bloomfield) 31-9, Jr. (SV-1 11-6).
5th Place Match
Wyatt Lane (Arcadia-Loup City) 45-5, Sr. over Anthony Eickmeier (Aquinas Catholic) 22-8, So. (Dec 9-7).

C126 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Doyle Trout of Centennial
2nd Place - Noah Eklund of Valentine
3rd Place - Nick Gonzalez of Wakefield
4th Place - Dillon Paczosa of St. Paul
5th Place - Melvin Hernandez of David City
6th Place - Drew Gilliland of Mitchell
1st Place Match
Doyle Trout (Centennial) 46-3, Sr. over Noah Eklund (Valentine) 32-7, So. (Fall 3:15).
3rd Place Match
Nick Gonzalez (Wakefield) 33-3, Sr. over Dillon Paczosa (St. Paul) 33-5, Sr. (Dec 3-1).
5th Place Match
Melvin Hernandez (David City) 40-6, Fr. over Drew Gilliland (Mitchell) 42-4, Jr. (Fall 2:10).

C132 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Tyler Bailey of Sutton
2nd Place - Jeremiah Dickinson of Central City
3rd Place - Jon Marvin of O`Neill
4th Place - Chase Osborne of Battle Creek
5th Place - Michael Varela of David City
6th Place - Jacob Tegels of Fort Calhoun
1st Place Match
Tyler Bailey (Sutton) 46-0, Sr. over Jeremiah Dickinson (Central City) 40-4, Jr. (Dec 7-0).
3rd Place Match
Jon Marvin (O`Neill) 37-4, Sr. over Chase Osborne (Battle Creek) 38-8, Sr. (Fall 3:28).
5th Place Match
Michael Varela (David City) 38-11, Sr. over Jacob Tegels (Fort Calhoun) 37-6, Jr. (Dec 4-2).

C138 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Drew Ratkovec of East Butler
2nd Place - Hudson Pearman of Valentine
3rd Place - Tucker Bergquist of Southern Valley
4th Place - Justin Hansen of Tekamah-Herman
5th Place - Tristan Simons of Battle Creek
6th Place - Lonnie Albertson of Fort Calhoun
1st Place Match
Drew Ratkovec (East Butler) 46-1, Sr. over Hudson Pearman (Valentine) 32-7, So. (Fall 3:35).
3rd Place Match
Tucker Bergquist (Southern Valley) 39-5, Sr. over Justin Hansen (Tekamah-Herman) 40-12, Sr. (Fall 1:32).
5th Place Match
Tristan Simons (Battle Creek) 40-11, Jr. over Lonnie Albertson (Fort Calhoun) 32-10, Jr. (Dec 4-2).

C145 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Steven Bader of Centennial
2nd Place - Jacob Hand of Valentine
3rd Place - Joseph Feldner of Kearney Catholic
4th Place - Caleb Haskell of Madison
5th Place - Cory Rowse of O`Neill
6th Place - Ben Metzler of Tekamah-Herman
1st Place Match
Steven Bader (Centennial) 46-6, Sr. over Jacob Hand (Valentine) 31-7, Sr. (Fall 2:31).
3rd Place Match
Joseph Feldner (Kearney Catholic) 41-8, Jr. over Caleb Haskell (Madison) 46-8, Jr. (Dec 3-0).
5th Place Match
Cory Rowse (O`Neill) 28-9, Sr. over Ben Metzler (Tekamah-Herman) 38-14, So. (Fall 4:42).

C152 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Blake Walters of O`Neill
2nd Place - Jordan Redler of Malcolm
3rd Place - Jake Smith of Wilber-Clatonia
4th Place - Mitch Fredrickson of Raymond Central
5th Place - Chayton Crow of Hershey
6th Place - Wyatt Schiermeyer of Fillmore Central
1st Place Match
Blake Walters (O`Neill) 37-1, Sr. over Jordan Redler (Malcolm) 40-4, Sr. (Dec 3-0).
3rd Place Match
Jake Smith (Wilber-Clatonia) 40-5, Sr. over Mitch Fredrickson (Raymond Central) 38-10, Sr. (Fall 4:39).
5th Place Match
Chayton Crow (Hershey) 39-6, Sr. over Wyatt Schiermeyer (Fillmore Central) 41-8, Sr. (Fall 2:24).

C160 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - David Gross of St. Paul
2nd Place - Caleb Thomas of Wakefield
3rd Place - Drew Lanman of Battle Creek
4th Place - Jake Roberts of Malcolm
5th Place - Skyler Ratkovec of East Butler
6th Place - Ryan Malasek of Central City
1st Place Match
David Gross (St. Paul) 37-1, Jr. over Caleb Thomas (Wakefield) 36-2, Sr. (UTB 3-2).
3rd Place Match
Drew Lanman (Battle Creek) 41-8, Jr. over Jake Roberts (Malcolm) 38-6, Sr. (Dec 4-3).
5th Place Match
Skyler Ratkovec (East Butler) 34-9, Jr. over Ryan Malasek (Central City) 18-5, Jr. (For.).

C170 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - David Fox of O`Neill
2nd Place - Cade Svoboda of Ord
3rd Place - Braxton Coleman of Valentine
4th Place - Hunter Randles of Madison
5th Place - Justen Hall of Raymond Central
6th Place - Ryan Worm of David City
1st Place Match
David Fox (O`Neill) 39-0, Sr. over Cade Svoboda (Ord) 37-5, Jr. (MD 19-6).
3rd Place Match
Braxton Coleman (Valentine) 34-11, Jr. over Hunter Randles (Madison) 41-8, Sr. (Dec 5-3).
5th Place Match
Justen Hall (Raymond Central) 39-10, Jr. over Ryan Worm (David City) 35-16, So. (Dec 15-8).

C182 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Matthew Kindler of Aquinas Catholic
2nd Place - Evan Sisel of East Butler
3rd Place - Cory Kennedy of Centennial
4th Place - Bailey Thompson of O`Neill
5th Place - Nick Maschman of Wilber-Clatonia
6th Place - Coltin Brown of Gibbon
1st Place Match
Matthew Kindler (Aquinas Catholic) 26-1, Jr. over Evan Sisel (East Butler) 41-4, Sr. (TF-1.5 5:09 (16-0)).
3rd Place Match
Cory Kennedy (Centennial) 43-7, Sr. over Bailey Thompson (O`Neill) 36-7, So. (Dec 4-1).
5th Place Match
Nick Maschman (Wilber-Clatonia) 39-4, Sr. over Coltin Brown (Gibbon) 39-8, Jr. (Dec 5-2).

C195 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Alexander Reimers of Aquinas Catholic
2nd Place - Kelly Cliffords of Cross County/Osceola
3rd Place - Logan Searle of South Central Nebraska Unified District #5
4th Place - Kalen Garrett of Doniphan-Trumbull
5th Place - Lane Helgoth of Sargent/Burwell
6th Place - Raymond Fuller of David City
1st Place Match
Alexander Reimers (Aquinas Catholic) 39-0, Sr. over Kelly Cliffords (Cross County/Osceola) 43-5, Sr. (Dec 8-4).
3rd Place Match
Logan Searle (South Central Nebraska Unified District #5) 48-3, Sr. over Kalen Garrett (Doniphan-Trumbull) 41-8, Sr. (Fall 2:43).
5th Place Match
Lane Helgoth (Sargent/Burwell) 35-3, Jr. over Raymond Fuller (David City) 28-7, Jr. (Dec 8-1).

C220 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Nate Moran of Auburn
2nd Place - Paxton Prauner of Battle Creek
3rd Place - Trevor Adams of Fillmore Central
4th Place - Adam VonSeggern of Logan View
5th Place - Kyle Erthum of Ainsworth
6th Place - Evan Welsh of Bishop Neumann
1st Place Match
Nate Moran (Auburn) 41-1, Sr. over Paxton Prauner (Battle Creek) 38-4, Sr. (Fall 3:49).
3rd Place Match
Trevor Adams (Fillmore Central) 49-2, Sr. over Adam VonSeggern (Logan View) 42-4, Sr. (Fall 4:45).
5th Place Match
Kyle Erthum (Ainsworth) 27-11, Jr. over Evan Welsh (Bishop Neumann) 34-7, Fr. (Fall 4:32).

C285 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Jarrod Hinrichs of Fillmore Central
2nd Place - Aaron Hoff of Norfolk Catholic
3rd Place - Aron Reynaga of Madison
4th Place - Nick Hines of North Bend Central
5th Place - Louis de Jager of Battle Creek
6th Place - Ozzy Rodriguez of Gibbon
1st Place Match
Jarrod Hinrichs (Fillmore Central) 53-0, Sr. over Aaron Hoff (Norfolk Catholic) 38-10, Jr. (Dec 5-3).
3rd Place Match
Aron Reynaga (Madison) 44-4, Jr. over Nick Hines (North Bend Central) 33-11, Jr. (Dec 3-2).
5th Place Match
Louis de Jager (Battle Creek) 36-7, Sr. over Ozzy Rodriguez (Gibbon) 36-6, Jr. (Fall 0:58).


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