Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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Former Huskers not counting themselves out of the NFL just yet

When competing for a roster spot, burdened by the thought that any day could be your last, former Husker lineman Jeremiah Sirles was advised to avoid one urge.

“Don’t get caught up in the numbers game,” the rookie offensive tackle said.

Never mind that Sirles is one of 89 players on San Diego’s roster as training camp begins Wednesday — a total that will eventually drop to 53. There are 15 offensive linemen — eight listed as tackles — reporting this week. Sirles is the only first-year tackle.

Perhaps that kind of information had been notable up until this point. But as league vets have told Sirles, it can be distracting in August, when a player’s mentality is so vital to his survival in camp.

“You can’t play scared. You’ve got to play with confidence,” Sirles said. “Every snap, you’ve got to play like it’s your last snap.”

That’ll be the objective for Sirles and six former classmates at Nebraska who are now NFL rookies. They’re set to begin a monthlong audition — some working for playing time, and others just hoping to avoid the pink slip.

Receiver Quincy Enunwa, a sixth-round draft pick, and offensive tackle Brent Qvale are with the New York Jets. Jason Ankrah, a defensive end for NU, switched to linebacker when he joined Houston. New Orleans drafted cornerback Stanley Jean-Baptiste in the second round and Washington picked guard Spencer Long in the third. Defensive back Mo Seisay landed on Detroit’s roster.

Sirles said he signed his free-agent deal with the Chargers about 30 minutes following the conclusion of the draft. About a dozen teams were interested. Sirles picked San Diego because he has every intention to stick around for a while.

“A lot of guys have said if you’re not drafted in the first four rounds, it’s better to be a free agent,” Sirles said. “I would have loved to have been drafted, but every day is my opportunity to prove (myself).”

Long’s taking the same approach.

He’s back to full strength after a knee injury cut his senior year short and dropped his draft stock. But initial reports out of Washington’s rookie minicamp were that Long had impressed so much that he might have a chance to compete for the top right guard spot. Long was doing his best to adjust to the NFL pace back then.

“They really do throw you right in the fire,” Long said. “OTAs are pretty much like a full on practice. It gives you a nice taste of how the teams are going to run (practice), what they’re asking of you.”

Long’s ready for an intensity spike when Washington’s training camp gets underway Wednesday, though.

The margin for error will be slim. The body will hurt. The mind will be overwhelmed. But Long’s excited.

“I wouldn’t be playing if I didn’t like playing football,” Long said. “Obviously, it’s a grind. It’s hard work. But it does make it better when you realize that this is what you’re doing for a living, that you have one thing to focus on.”


By Jon Nyatawa / World-Herald Bureau


2014 GNST Summer Sizzler Results

Twenty-two swimmers from Valentine traveled to Kearney over the weekend to compete in the 2014 GNST Summer Sizzler. Nearly 100 swimmers from 6 teams across the state competed in 36 events in this two day event held at Harmon Park in Kearney.

Brayden Kieborz and Caleb Long brought home state qualifying times from Kearney in the 50M freestyle and 200M breaststroke respectively. Brayden and Caleb join Dylan Witt who qualified earlier in the season in the 50M freestyle and 100M breaststroke. Dylan also added the 50M butterfly, 50M breaststroke, 50M backstroke and 100M freestyle to his state times now totaling six events. Additionally, Kaylynn Miller, Taryn Adams and Savannah Dean will be participating in the Midwestern Championship State Meet next weekend proving exceptional times in the 50M freestyle event.

Kearney GNST honors 8 & Under swimmers annually at the Summer Sizzler with a special medal awarded during the Saturday morning session. Lexi Long, Malika (Trass) Monroe and Daniel Witt were three of the eleven swimmers honored for swimming at such a young age. (Lexi and Daniel have been competing since they were  6!)

Kearney honorable mentions go out to Raelyn Adams, Savanna Dean, Ethan Osnes, Ramsey Ravenscroft, Riawna Reimers, Haylee Richards, Elena Tiefenthaler, Malika Trass, Daniel Witt & Dylan Witt. These ten swimmers brought home fourteen 1stplace standings in their respective age groups and events.

Full results are as follows…

Raelyn Adams (14) placed 1st-1500M Freestyle, 1st-800M Freestyle, 4th-200M Individual Medley, 5th-100M Breaststroke, 2nd-400M Individual Medley, and 4th-200M Breaststroke.

Taryn Adams (16) placed 6th-100M Freestyle, 6th-200M Individual Medley, 4th-100M Butterfly, 7th-100M Breaststroke, 2nd-400M Freestyle, 3rd-50M Freestyle, 5th-100M Backstroke, 3rd-200M Breaststroke, and 6th-200 M Freestyle.

Savannah Dean (17) placed 4th-100M Freestyle, 4th-200M Individual Medley, 2nd-100M Butterfly, 4th-100M Breaststroke, 5th-50M Freestyle, 4th-100M Backstroke, 1st-200M Breaststroke, and 5th-200 M Freestyle.

Brennan Jackson (13) placed 8th-100M Freestyle, 3rd-200M Backstroke, 8th-50M Freestyle, 7th-100M Backstroke, 8th-200M Breaststroke, and 8th-200 M Freestyle.

Katelynn Jackson (15) placed 10th-100M Freestyle and 11th-50M Freestyle.

Austyn Kieborz (9) placed 6th-100M Freestyle.

Brayden Kieborz (12) placed 4th-100M Freestyle, 4th-50M Breaststroke, 4th-50M Butterfly, 4th-400M Freestyle, 4th-50M Freestyle, 4th-50M Breaststroke, and 4th-200 M Freestyle.

Makenzie Long (10) placed 7th-100M Freestyle, 4th-100M Breaststroke, 5th-50M Butterfly, 6th-50M Freestyle, and 4th-50 M Breaststroke.

Caleb Long (13) placed 6th-100M Freestyle, 2nd-100M Breaststroke, 2nd-400M Freestyle, 4th-50M Freestyle, 2nd-200M Breaststroke, and 5th-200 M Freestyle.

Lexi Long (8) placed 4th-100M Freestyle, 5th-50M Backstroke, 5th-50M Freestyle, and 2nd-50 M Breaststroke.

Ethan Osnes (16) placed 7th-100M Freestyle, 6th-200M Individual Medley, 1st-100M Butterfly, 6th-100M Breaststroke, 4th-50M Freestyle, and 3rd-100 M Backstroke.

Ramsey Ravenscroft (12) placed 4th-100M Freestyle, 4th-200M Individual Medley, 4th-50M Backstroke, 2nd-100M Breaststroke, 3rd-50M Butterfly, 7th-50M Freestyle, 1st-200M Breaststroke, 3rd-50M Breaststroke, and 7th-200 M Freestyle.

Taycee Reimers (9) placed 11th-100M Freestyle, 8th-50M Backstroke, 11th-50M Freestyle, 8th-100M Backstroke, and 6th-200 M Freestyle.

Riawna Reimers (12) placed 8th-100M Freestyle, 5th-200M Individual Medley, 5th-50M Backstroke, 1st-100M Breaststroke, 5th-50M Butterfly, 9th-50M Freestyle, 6th-100M Backstroke, and 9th-200 M Freestyle.

Emma Richards (10) placed 9th-100M Freestyle, 7th-50M Backstroke, 7th-100M Breaststroke, 9th-50M Freestyle, 9th-100M Backstroke, and 6th-50 M Breaststroke.

Haylee Richards (11) placed 6th-100M Freestyle, 7th-200M Individual Medley, 1st-100M Butterfly, 9th-50M Backstroke, 8th-50M Freestyle, 8th-100M Backstroke, 3rd-200M Breaststroke, and 7th-50 M Breaststroke.

Shyla Stearns (15) placed 7th-100M Freestyle, 7th-200M Individual Medley, 6th-100M Butterfly, 8th-100M Breaststroke, 4th-400M Freestyle, 7th-50M Freestyle, 7th-100M Backstroke, 5th-200M Breaststroke, and 7th-200 M Freestyle.

Aiden Tiefenthaler (11) placed 12th-100M Freestyle, 10th-50M Backstroke, 12th-50M Freestyle, and 11th-200 M Freestyle.

Elena Tiefenthaler (15) placed 9th-100M Freestyle, 8th-200M Individual Medley, 5th-100M Butterfly, 6th-100M Breaststroke, 8th-50M Freestyle, 4th-200M Breaststroke, 9th-200M Freestyle, and 1st-200 M Butterfly.

Malika (Trass) Monroe (8) placed 3rd-100M Freestyle, 3rd-50M Backstroke, 1st-50M Butterfly, 2nd-50M Freestyle, and 7th-200 M Freestyle

Daniel Witt (8) placed 3rd-100M Freestyle, 4th-50M Backstroke, 3rd-50M Freestyle, 5th-100M Backstroke, 1st-50M Breaststroke, and 5th-200 M Freestyle.

Dylan Witt (12) placed 3rd-100M Freestyle, 2nd-100M Butterfly, 3rd-50M Backstroke, 1st-100M Breaststroke, 1st-50M Butterfly, 3rd-50M Freestyle, 1st-100M Backstroke, 3rd-200M Breaststroke, 1st-50M Breaststroke, and 5th-200 M Freestyle.

Valentine swimmers had a fantastic showing at Kearney wrapping up the final regular season meet with most bringing home personal best times in multiple events. Great job swimmers!

Six Valentine swimmers will be traveling to Lincoln this weekend for the Midwestern Championship State Meet which will run three days showcasing the fastest swimmers in the state. Taryn Adams, Savannah Dean and Kaylynn Miller will be competing in the 50M Freestyle. Brayden Kieborz will swim the 50M and 100M Freestyle and the 50M Backstroke. Caleb Long will be racing in the 100M and 200M Breaststroke. Dylan Witt will be competing in the the 50M and 100M Freestyle, 50M and 100M Breaststroke, 50M and 100M Backstroke and 50M Butterfly. Good Luck to all swimmers attending the state meet! Swim Fast and Safe Travels!


Nebraska Deer Permits Available

Nebraska deer permits are now available for purchase. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission asks hunters buying their permits to consider also making a

tax-deductible donation to Hunters Helping the Hungry.

Founded in 2012, Hunters Helping the Hungry allows for the distribution of venison to Nebraskans in need. During the state's various deer seasons, hunters can donate

deer at participating processors. The processors then distribute ground venison to food pantries and soup kitchens across the state. The cost of processing is paid

for entirely by donations. In 2013, 363 hunters donated 392 deer, which provided more than 19,000 pounds of venison to Nebraskans in need.

Hunters and others who wish to support this program can learn more at OutdoorNebraska.com/HHH.







Geldings 5 and up

1.  Christy Murry  2.  Tonya Carr    3.  Shirley Kime   4.  Judy  Reece

Mares 5 and up

1.  Judy Reece      2.  Moriah  Beel   3.  Keiley Walz   4.  Emily Medley    5.  Alison Stineman

Mares 3 and 4

1.  Alice Fletcher

Colts 2 and under

1.  Luke Hockenbary


1. Shirley Kime          2.  Eve Miller


Lead Line

1.  Lily Beel

Adult  Ranch Horse

1.  Sonia Walz            2. Tonya Carr              3.  Judy Reece

Junior Western Pleasure

1.  Kieley Walz           2. Katrina Beel        3.  Tess Krolikowski   4.  Traper Shied       5.  Moriah Beel

Senior Western Pleasure

1.  Allison Robinson               2.  Emily Medley        3.  Hayley Schied  4.  Hadi Millar                        5.  Jacy Miller

Adult Western Pleasure

1.  Sonya Walz           2.  Eve Millar             3.  Christy Murry    4.  Tonya Carr                         5.  Jen Beel

Jack Benny Pleasure

1.  Shirley Kime         2.  Judy Reece



1.  Alyssa Hockenbary           2.  Tessa Krolikowshi             3.  Kieley Walz  4.  Cee Anna Beel                   5.  Kinsey Walz


1.  Allison Robinson               2.  Sadie Smutng                    3.  Bradi Larabee  4.  Hayley Schied                   5.  Alison Stineman


1.  Kari Qualley          2.  Sonya Walz           3.  Judy Reece  4.  Christy Murry                    5.  Tonya Carr



1.  Kieley Walz         2.  Cee Anna Beel                    3.  Alyssa Hockenbary   4.  Kinsey Walz          5.  Katrina Beel


1.  Sadie Smutng        2.  Emily Medley                    3.  Hayley Schied   4.  Alice Fletcher                    5.  Alison Stineman


1.  Sonya Walz           2.  Shirley Kime                     3.  Christy Murry  4.  Heather Mizner                 5.  Jen Beel



1.  Alyssa Hockenbary                       2.  Kieley Walz


1.  Sadie Smutmy                   2.  Bradi Larabee


1. Sonya Walz            2.  Heather  Mizner                3.  Kari Qualley   4.  Judy Reece



1.  Kieley Walz           2.  Alyssa Hockenbary           3.  Dakota Krogman  4. Sadee Adamson                  5.  Traper Schied


1.  Allison Collier                   2.  Jacy Miller            3.  Hadli Millar  4.  Hayley Schied                   5.  Emily Medley


1.Sonya Walz             2.  Tonya Carr             3.  Kari Qualley   4.  Judy  Reece            5.  Eve Millar



1.  Kieley Walz           2.  Alyssa Hockenbary           3.  Sadee Adamson  4.  Dakota Krogman               5.  Traper Schied


1.  Allison Collier                   2.  Emily Medley        3.  Jacy Miller   4.  Hadli Millar           5.  Hayley  Schied


1.  Sonya Walz                       2.  Tonya Carr             3.  Judy Reece    4.  Melissa Stephens               5.  Eve Millar

































WHAT:  The Bass Federation (TBF) and FLW, the world’s largest tournament-fishing organization, have partnered to present the 2014 Nebraska State High School Fishing Championship. The tournament is open to any High School Fishing team in the entire state of Nebraska. The 2014 schedule represents a major expansion of High School Fishing by FLW and The Bass Federation due to an increased demand.

WHEN:                 Saturday, July 26, 2014

WHERE:               Nebraska State High School Fishing Championship

Merritt Reservoir State Recreation Area, Bead’s Landing, Nebraska

The Nebraska state championship is a two-person (team) event for students in grades 9-12. Registration for anglers and their coach, who will provide the boat they compete in, is online at HighSchoolFishing.org. Takeoff will be at 7 a.m. and weigh-in will be held at the boat ramp, scheduled for 1:15 p.m. High School Fishing takeoffs and weigh-ins are free and open to the public. For more information about this event contact the TBF National Youth Director Mark Gintert at (580) 716-4251 or (330) 993-0014.

A preliminary list of schools participating will not be available as teams can still register up until the morning of the event.

The top 10 percent from each TBF/FLW state championship field will advance to a High School Fishing conference championship along with the top 3 teams from each of the six 2014 High School Fishing Opens that coincide with the 2014 Walmart FLW Tour. The top 10 percent of each conference championship field will then advance to the High School Fishing National Championship, coinciding with the TBF National Championship and an FLW Tour stop in the spring of 2015. The High School Fishing national champions will each receive a $5,000 college scholarship to the school of their choice.


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