Sunday, December 04, 2016
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Watch for Phone Scams


KVSH had a call from a local business person who reported another phone scam attempt. Its not a new scam. A caller tries to get you to identify them by a name of your grand child or family member. Once you give them a name, they pretend to be that person and report that they are in trouble and need money. In this particular situation the business person asked them for their middle name and the caller could not come up with it. Please report these types of scams to local authorities. If someone calls pretending to be a family member in need, check it out with other family members to confirm before you take action. Spring is also a prime time for unscrupulous home repair scams where they promise to do work after they get paid or only do half the work. The Cherry County Sheriffs Office reminds everyone that you should Never give personal information over the phone.

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